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Return on Investment

A FTSE 50 client was unable to find the calibre of senior IT managers required to lead and educate client boards in business investment to exploit IT. We refreshed the brief and the recruitment strategy and located a number of successful candidates through effective use of specialist advertising and selection techniques.

Leading Change

A global branded business came to us with an urgent requirement for a European CIO. Change here was two-fold: Firstly, the job was to lead a major change in the way IT was managed and delivered, helping to drive an entire business transformation. Secondly the potential impact of the individual in the role meant that it was crucial to get the right skill set and culture fit. Consequently, we conducted a full review of the requirements of the role, located a number of quality candidates and assisted our client with the appointment of a successful candidate with transition and transformation skills.

Challenging Assumptions

A programme lead was required to take over from a less effective incumbent. The client brief asked for specific applications module experience. We conducted a search and located a subject matter expert, without the specific experience but with an excellent track record in this type of programme delivery. We persuaded our client to meet the candidate, who was subsequently hired and went on to exceed expectations.

Difficult Circumstances

A leading London organisation, operating crucial services but with an uncertain public reputation, was struggling to attract top quality senior IT management and programme leaders. We suggested an alternative recruitment strategy and located the right quality of people - who successfully joined the business.

Unusual Role

An industry leading SME, operating in retail and supply chain technology services, was going through a period of major change. They wanted to combine the roles of finance and IT at board level and came to us for advice. We assisted with initial advice, helping to develop the brief, putting the recruitment strategy together and checking the marketplace for appropriate candidates. The assignment produced a good shortlist and a successful candidate, who is meeting objectives.

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