Our Services - Modular Recruitment.

Our popular modular recruitment service can provide better results for less money when compared to traditional recruitment, even with contingency agencies. Where a client wishes to take on part of the recruitment process internally, to utilise existing in-house skills, we will work with the management team to supply the additional skills required to achieve a successful outcome. 

Module 1 - Project Management

This essential part of the recruitment process plans and co-ordinates the activities needed to reach a successful conclusion, on time and within budget. Typically, it is: 

  • Getting the stakeholders round the table to define requirements and the process.
  • Defining the measures for success of the assignment, including the key competencies expected of the candidates.
  • Developing the action plan to achieve the objectives Assigning responsibility for implementing the plan.

It runs from briefing at the start of the process, through to negotiating offers and conducting references, and works for whatever method of candidate sourcing is needed to attract the right calibre of person. Candidates are treated with professionalism, which is good for the employer brand, and they can become engaged with the organisation and the job at an early stage. This service has been used by companies as experienced assistance to meet growth objectives at times of a peak in recruitment workload, where internal HR resources are stretched.

Module 2 - People Assessment

This improves the quality of external hiring by using professional assessment techniques and can include:

  • Telephone interviews and assessment summary.
  • Structured interviews and evaluation.
  • Psychometric assessment which could include ability/personality/management potential/competency/leadership styles assessment.
  • Internal and external candidates.
  • Using an experienced shortlist facilitator or observer.

This service has been used by companies with an existing list of candidates, who want to ensure that structured and objective techniques of assessment are used to select the best people. 

Module 3 – Candidate Sourcing

This is an expert assessment of how to find the right candidates at an entry level cost and usually includes:

  • Review of the role.
  • Assessment of the market.
  • Writing the job brief.
  • Recommending/selecting the sourcing strategy.
  • Writing the advertisement or search script.
  • Managing the process.
  • Assessing CVs.

This service has been used by companies who are unsure as to the most appropriate recruitment strategy for a specific post, perhaps one where the candidate market is small, good quality people are hard to attract or the role is very specialized; it also appeals to those organisations with established HR functions to advise line management on assessment, but where the recruitment budget is tight.

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