IT and the Digital Enterprise.

Wherever your organisation is on the spectrum of using technology - from relatively late developer to leading your market as a successful digital enterprise - getting the right mix of business focussed talent is essential in order to perform at the highest level and maximise your return on investment.

As a safe pair of hands for whatever your situation, we will help you to assess the skills required and source the right people for you, by:

  • Understanding your current level of technology maturity, any performance issues involved, and the opportunities for the business to harness emerging technologies;
  • Providing technology leaders quickly, on a permanent or interim basis, to guide the board and enhance capability.

From classic IT leadership to next generation technology leadership

The Challenge
From recovery ...
Client Positions
  • Failed implementations
  • Legacy systems
  • Start-ups gone wrong
  • Siloed IT department
Riches Consulting
  • Provide IT leaders quickly
  • Understanding of resourcing from a delivery perspective

The Challenge
 ... to an adequate solution ...
Client Positions
  • Rapid growth
  • Quality of candidates
  • 'War on talent'
  • Spot opportunities to take advantage of technology
Riches Consulting
  • Provide support to recruiting 'spikes'
  • Find specialist / scarce expertise
  • Ensure you have the best people to support success
The Challenge
Competitive Edge
... to a competitive edge
Client Positions
  • Large change programmes
  • Niche skills required
  • Harness emerging technologies
  • Lead with new ideas in the market
  • Business becomes expert client
Riches Consulting
  • Provide technology leaders to guide the board and enhance capability
  • Help you build and maintain a successful digital enterprise

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