How We Help.

The right people are the heart of the business: they grow its value and reach, understand what it takes to satisfy your customers and make sure that you achieve your objectives.

Our solutions are tailor-made for each individual client. We have expertise in a range of services and will match them to your specific need at this particular stage in the development of your business. We are accustomed to meeting and exceeding exacting requirements - we have been doing so for over 20 years.

Within large blue chip and corporate commercial clients we work successfully at director, senior manager and middle management level within headquarters functions and in business units, and have been especially successful in change programme management and digital transformation roles.

Typically, relevant services are:

  • Executive search for a specialist function or particularly challenging change agenda;  
  • Advertised selection for a range of functional managers to bring key skills in strategic change;
  • Supporting the internal teams - in human resources or other functions - to quickly tackle current issues by making use of our analysis, assessment and general business skills.

For smaller and medium sized commercial enterprises, especially those growing fast, reaching new levels of complexity, or facing strategic change, the need for new people at senior levels can require particularly careful attention. And there are often other areas to consider, in order to take best advantage of increasingly sophisticated processes. We can help, by providing:

  • Sensitive and tightly focused advice on senior recruitment, including an intelligent assessment of your needs in relation to the marketplace. This covers all Board and senior management functions;
  • Assessment of internal candidates for specific roles and development potential, including integrating acquisitions;
  • Sourcing strategy and interview support for other posts and flexible assistance with a wide range of human resources issues.

For not-for-profit organisations and the public sector, your objectives focus on offering the best value service to your customers. We work closely with you to help achieve customer service goals, to proven best practice standards.

You also have to meet stringent standards and the change programme involved in improving performance can be difficult, especially in bringing all the people with you. In this situation, we can offer:

  • Working as part of your team, whether it's in a recruitment capacity or supporting your human resources function with additional skills;
  • The ability to tackle difficult challenges, whether it's resourcing specialist people or ensuring that a particular process meets the needs of a variety of stakeholders;
  • The business skills to take an overview look at your resourcing methods, aiming to help you increase your retention rates or save you money in agency fees. Also, we offer you a discounted fee structure from our commercial rates.

IT and Digital Technology

We have worked successfully with most job functions and industry sectors, and have developed a particular interest and expertise in assignments involving change in the role of technology.

We find you the people who will understand how to help you build a successful digital enterprise. That means a CIO or senior manager in technology who is able to work with your top priority business opportunities and ensure that investments in technology can drive them forward and support them.

These people are able to align next generation ideas and technology to deliver results for the business, in a new style of technology leadership role.

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